Friday, November 18, 2022



The flowing water of Hudson River down southward,

was changing in every moment,

decomposed into seventy two colors,

in silence, passing through various fish, jellyfish, other zooplankton and plants, underwater creatures covered by fungi, bacteria,

into the bottom of the river bed,

to its wet history.

It was there,

were the songs of American Indians that had been buried in time,

like sad stories in a dream,

kept chanting on me.

Although the echoes of the battlefields in those history

together with the enchanting dance beside the campfires

already had gone,

the railroad tracks still silently watching the river,

let it talk about those fascinating pasts;

at one end of the river

hanging jungle like high buildings, the pageantry of wine glass , elegant smiles of gentlemen and ladies, the sad figures of beggars, and their painful weeping;

at the other end, hanging stories of the Headless Horseman, the dazzling bonfires of Indians,

in the deep night of the wilderness, at moon night, at dawn,

he came silently, then quietly left,

his headless shadow had an electric shock with death like colors.



On a bright Spring day,

the rails were continuously cut by harsh sound,

moving north,

the warmth in the car

being elongated bit by bit, turned into a transparent tear in memory,

falling in the sound of wind, infiltrated in the fertile soil, severely blocked by the lichens,

senselessly licking the mysteries of life and tracing the years that had passed.

I seemed to see

Indian knights were running in the clouds,

the joyful whistles were rolling in the mouths,

long colored feathers swaying on their heads.

On both sides of the river, outside the train windows,

mountains, bridges, waterfowl, seagulls and houses 

facing the rocks with silence,

gradually plunging into the distant horizon.

At some point in history, the river was no longer flowing,

like a transparent face with aphasia,

forgotten in the glove of time.

On the corner of the train station in Tarrytown,

a no longer young lady was approaching us,

with a youthful smile on her face,

we asked softly:

"Good hearted lady please ask , how could we go to the beautiful lodging which we have booked, how to walk, so as not to get lost in this life?"

in the twisted valley, you needed to bypass a mirror like lake,

although she also liked to stroll through the mountains, she emphasized that this was an impossible voyage.

Seeing that we were determined to walk,

she could only say that wish us good luck.

Passing one after another countryside charming houses,

along the path between the mountains,

the water of the transparent lake was immersed in the threshold of the soul,

narrating the emotions after separation, and the feelings of sadness,

but we already got lost on the way in this distance,

thanks to a good hearted couple aged ,

who called us into their car,

sending us to the lodge we wanted to go to.


Mr. Washington Irving, a gentleman who came back from Europe

with an ancient Weckquaesgeek tribe indigenous chief, as well as his tribal wizard,

visited the cottage where we were living after midnight,

the chief told us about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Valley,

here his tribe had fought fiercely;

Mr. Irving whispered a scary story:

the most notorious of The Sleepy Hollow Valley should be the Headless Horseman,

a poor Hessian soldier,

in a nameless battle, whose head shot off by a stray cannonball and became a ghost,

his headless body was always riding on a white horse,

since then, he has been wandering around the secluded canyons in the dark night, looking for his lost head;

The silent wizard now argued that

in fact, before the arrival of the Dutch, it had already been entangled in ghosts, and people had lived a dreamlike life.

This is Tarrytown,

a ghost world filled with unforgettable atmosphere,

here, the night unfolds its imagination: silence, faraway, life, death, honor, sorrow, and psychedelic loneliness,

is always flushed over and over again by the imaginations from the heart, keeping interrogating.

I couldn't recall their figures when they left,

but heard the branches in the shade banging the window of our room urgently, in the deep night, 

the hooves gradually approached and gradually became clearer,

violence in fear,

put a headless shadow figure behind our window,

watching us quietly through the glass panes,

bearing deep sorrow,

then with the hooves,

disappeared in the misty moon night,

there were long echoes in the silence of loneliness.


Came to the downstairs for breakfast in the morning,

"Hello, Mr. and Ms., I hope you had a wonderful night!"

the Spanish girl at the front desk smiling at us, revealing her white jade teeth.

We slowly chose our breakfast: coffee, juice, fruit, grilled meat, omelets, bread, and potatoes, while eating breakfast, looking at the outside of the glass wall.

There, the sun was shining on the flowers, cultivating every inch of the soil.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022


 It was declared by someone  that everything could be art. This was a very misleading statement. Obviously, NOT EVERYTHING IS ART! Further, I have to say that the foundation of modern art theory was wrong, that was why time and time again, we discovered ourselves placed in a contradiction of complexity, a vague situation of  dilemma. 

Tracing back to the early period of the last century, an art theorist proclaimed that ART IS CREATION. Since then, it has become a guideline for the generations to come for doing art. To be understood in the circumstances, for the artists, which always meant you had to do something new, otherwise, it was not art; for the art organizers, they always wanted to find something surprising, something they never knew or saw before, otherwise it was not great. In this case, the "CREATION" was defined by the artist who did something which no one had done before, mostly this was confined to discovering new methods, new materials , new concepts to do art. If you did not do so, you were not in creation, at the same time, you did not make art too, and you were outside of the game already. In the end, CREATION has become art itself that dominated art, and slaved art.

With the discovery of photography, some people were scared to announce that painting was dead, then Duchamp gave a deeper blow: Art was dead! He has tried to manage so by placing the toilet in museums, and it is still in a museum! Materially speaking, all the means and media had limitations. If we defined new media as new art, art was going in the wrong direction. The definition of new art must belong to the spiritual area instead of material methods. The most important understanding and fact is that only the development of the spiritual life is forever that is beyond any limitation. That was quite logical why Duchamp declared art was dead since he already saw the dead end of material discovery, who successfully launched his propaganda to make himself well-known although the propaganda itself was meaningless and ridiculous. Who cared about the matter of fact? Duchamp has vandalized the art world without true understanding as well as by the lack of true imagination. Instead of struggling hard to have the true vision of art and human culture for the future, he chose the easier way to insult people's intelligence, to be more precisely, to insult people's stupidity for establishing himself historically.

Let us take a glance at modern material history in creating art. Talking about the pigments in doing art, if you had used paint to paint, in order to be different as new, we chose soy sauce, and then, cow shit, human blood, then fire, ash, female latex; talking about the tools, being revolutionary, you had used brush, we chose cloth, mop, tree branch, finger, human body, animal, machine, most recently, female breast and vagina. Every artist tried very hard to discover a new method to be "Revolutionary", pushing oneself to the extreme for "thinking out a great art" overnight. We, people, found us pretty in a gigantic circus, an animal kingdom with lots of fun. I have a question for you: If those methods had the power to transfer a nonsense into a great art or a great art would be less great because which did not use those new methods? The answer was absolutely "No"!

Then we are going to have a look at Performance art. Performance art most likely began with Pollock's so called "Gesture painting"  which he used female bodies to perform on large canvases from the 1940s. Harold Rosenberg, an American writer, educator, philosopher and art critic. coined the term  Action painting in 1952 for what was later to be known as abstract expressionism. What was rooted in new psychoanalysis were beginning to flourish and were changing people's perception of the physical and psychological world and civilization’s understanding of the world through heightened self-consciousness,  awareness of the subconscious mind. It was a good start! 

Performance art activity is not confined to European or American art traditions; notable practitioners can be found in Asia and Latin America. Performance art is a term usually reserved to refer to a Conceptual art which conveys a content-based meaning in a more drama-related sense, rather than being simple performance for its own sake for entertainment purposes.

On the process of the development, something began to change and going awful, instead of probing  inter  the true human spiritual value, performance artists were competing cruelty for breaking the boundary: placing self in cold water, in a bag out of air, in a dirty toilet, cutting self skin for dripping blood, cutting own penis in slices and sewing back again, making sex in the bright light of a gallery around by the public, eating human flesh. In short,  to do  whatever could be striking. A friend told me that he has found a "great artist", who was strongly against the idea of showing art to the public anywhere because he said the matter of art is totally personal. His performance was to pump his own head into hard surfaces such as a cement wall. However his greatest performance was not created yet because that performance would pump himself to death, but he had a problem to find anyone to record this greatest performance. He should be more revolutionary by just pumping himself to die, it was not his intention to show his art to this world anyway, why record?

Lastly we need to have a deeper understanding about so-called Conceptual art. First, artists were showing actual paintings and installations, then they were advanced showing blank canvases, to be more conceptual, even a blank canvas is too much, they would announce a show without displaying anything but the empty room itself, but it was still too much for an announcement, it might be better to only talk to have a show, finally, even the talk was also too much, where they could go? The utmost Conceptual art only happened in the brain without doing anything. If a conceptual artist who was doing the extreme concept with zero doing, who finished being known as an artist but who  wanted to be recognized as an artist. One artist put her dirty bed in a museum on which she wrote hundreds names of the people who had sex on the bed with her including a relative. She declared this bed was her art. One day she received an interview from a philosopher: " How can you define this bed as art?", she replied: "Because I think it is art, so it is art". The object was art only because she said it was art, the definition of an art did not belong to that actual objective reality anymore, it only depended on who was announcing that. Thanks to Duchamp. We had an easy, terrific art game which did not need too much effort. 

​To be sure with no mistake, true art is not a game, which always requests a lifetime commitment, devotion, love, passion as well as purity.

Those so-called "art" were based on insulting human dignity as a spiritual being replaced by cruelty and ugliness to the direction of inhumanity. 

Life is life while art is art; Life is not art as art is not life. The same as a fish, shallot and condiments are not a delicious dish, you need to cook first to make them as a good dish.

The decay of art was not the fault of art itself, which was only a mirror. The fault rooted in our contemporary society, the sickness and brutality of a troubled world today. Those kinds of art also had some value only because they mirrored our troubled present world, showing us negative examples to be good again in human culture and society, reminding us of the weakest moment in the history of human culture, reflecting a complete failure in theory of modern art and a severe corruption of human value.

Tolstoy had fully believed that much of the art of his day was corrupt and that artists had been seriously misled in their paths.  His view was that true art needed to connect the artist and the audiences through a special emotional bond, which would continue to live on within the observers.  By relating a specific emotion through the work of art, a true artist could inspire that emotion within the others and by this virtue the act became true art.


ART IS A SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL CREATION. The most magic part about human being is the ability to emotions,  tear, not only is a reveal of pain, but also is a show of extreme happiness, a symbol of the complexity of emotions, when it is combined with the highest level of intelligent activity, with passion, love and imagination, this is the birth of art! Art will die only if we lose a certain part of those essential elements. The spiritual journey will be continued and refreshed from generations to generations as long as humans still live.

January 01, 2016

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 Poets are translators of human’s soul.

The purpose of the existence of poetry is to transcend the limits of matter, as a person, that is, to transcend the limits of the body, so that thoughts and emotions appear as a pure spiritual existence. The actual appearance is peeled off layer by layer, and finally presents the essence of absolute life.​

How can we transform the thoughts and emotions in our minds with the flows of consciousness into words that can be seen as real visions in the eyes of readers? In poetry, everything is driven by imagination, which must address the significance of the imagination to the poet and the unique strengths of poetry.

No other art forms can freely expand and deeply convey the inner world of human beings, the subtle states of thoughts and emotions, the changes and transformations between them as in poetry. Fortunately, poets are precisely the most imaginative human beings, and they should be the best persons to capture human emotions and sentiments. The poet has the ability to squint his soul to fly in the sky, to enter the earth, to experience the various possible states of spiritual existence; he can start from a simple word, idiom, sentence, object, endlessly associates that with images, finally cast them into extraordinary significant  lines of poetry. We cannot imagine that a great poet does not have such qualities. So how does imagination develop in the creation of poetry?

We have two ways to imagine in the process of writing: the first way, is to, completely without control, let the imagination of the streams of consciousness naturally determine its directions, the poet only needs to do is to follow it, record its development trajectory, thus forming lines of sentences, this situation is usually carried out in the subconscious, can unearth the psychological level that is ignored in the daily life; The second way, is to, first, decide the directions to imagine, and then follow their development process. This method of writing is beneficial to the overall structure of the poem and helps the poet to complete a magnificent poetry.

As for how to cultivate imagination, many theorists of poetry have already discussed it. What I want to describe here is, how to make the imagination unfold in the strongest way to reproduce the reality of the spiritual world.

Imagination can be unfolded in all spaces. From the psychological level of analysis, the formation of sensory power is always achieved through contrast. Various contrasts, such as colors, shapes, sizes, light and shade, can always have a shocking effect on our psychology. In the case of poetry, when our imagination is between the smallest microscopic (such as particles) and the largest macro (such as the universe), the power of imagination, on the psychological level, is in maximized satisfaction, realized in the highest sense, that is to say, the formation of the greatest psychological power is produced among two or more extreme contrasts of different or similar things. The same contrast can be developed between the beauty and the ugliness of things, and get a similar effect, as the contrast weakens, the psychological influence is correspondingly reduced. We should understand that there are also some poets whose concern is not with the extraordinary spiritual shock expressed by poetry, but by another kind of soft, graceful feelings. Such a poet is always surrounded by a specific kind of sentiment, and whose life is written in such a state of mind, such as the American poet Emily Dickinson, which is another matter.

The imaginations of poetry may unfold in different ways: they can be parallel or overlapping, they can be small and large, they can be large and small, they can be flat, or they can be geometrically constructed. All these are not the same.

In the process of writing, the further expansion and extended description of imagination is extremely necessary and very meaningful. It can expand the connotation of the text and make it present an extraordinary quality. Among them, the image description of the thinking thread is a powerful complement to the image description of vision.

Today, in the big explosion of knowledge and understanding, we have a new approach, concept and perspective to the material world. The difference between material and spirituality can only be a relative concept. We are getting closer and closer to the concept that the universe comes from the one and goes back to the one. In the creation of poetry, it is very necessary for poets to go further in the depth of expression of the material world as well as the spiritual world. On the one hand, we try our best to explore the various possibilities of the human spiritual world, the subtle differences between emotions and feelings. We must break through the framework of predecessors, limits from the traditional concepts, and explore the lexical and grammatical features more creatively to reveal contemporary humanistic spirit. Based on the rhythm of the soul, with the development of emotions, the lexical and syntactic methods would be changed. The format of the verse does not have to be rigid, so that the poetry can convey the characteristics of contemporary life. On the other hand, the expression of poetry in the material world should reflect the features of our times. The characteristics of this era reflect the current world in science, technology and information explosion, the state of the external world in which human beings are located, the phraseological references and vocabularies of science, technology, information, biology, artificial intelligence not only can not be ruled out, but also necessary. In the context of micro and macro, the differences, contrasts and blends between them are revealed, so that poetry has the rigidity of the material in the real world.

Excessive romantic feeling may be a poison for poetry, because it will make the poet lose the deep involvement as well as expression of human spirit, and indulge in emotions without being restrained. In poetry, as in life, it is harmful. It is easy to make poetry a catharsis of superficial personal emotions. As far as words are concerned, the passionate, imaginative, flamboyant descriptions mixing with simple narration of plain tiling in poetry will receive unexpected dramatic effects. The result is that the impressions of both are strengthened. Such a result makes poetry have a more profound connotation, but also increases the richness of poetry in the field of formal expression.

The segmentation of language is a very interesting topic. It appears in the most unexpected changes in the writing process of poetry, such as: length, jump, shortage, symbolization, meaning division, etc., challenging human sensory nerves, to make our feelings satisfied in affright. Because the language is in a state of segmentation, it does not convey complete information to us. It is precisely because of such an incomplete state that it leaves more psychological space to be understood and developed, and the ideological trajectory to be interpreted makes the poetry quality present a special meaning. Not all poetry lines need to be understood rationally. Some sentences are merely confiding to consciousness, and only need to stay in the senses of consciousness.

“Non-empirical writing” is another very interesting topic. Most poetry writers are only used to writing in a well known process. Very few truly outstanding poets have the kind of constantly changing and updating their writing style. The ability to always make your creative process in an unknown uncertainty, to seek breakthroughs and development. This uncertain situation makes the poet shudder and inspires his imagination and extraordinary inspiration.

The reverse usage of lexical meaning can also add intriguing and inspiring expressions to the connotation of poetry. In a context of common sense, readers have to quest their own thinking. At this time, all the vocabulary is active in the reader's mind, and the verse can achieve extraordinary results. The reversal of lexical meaning is not only a challenge to consciousness, but also a challenge to the usage of language itself.

In the creation of contemporary poetry, it is not necessary to stick to the limitations of the past poetry or poetic theories. The exploration and development of poetry is a must for the poet. Scenes in life, stories, historical events, or intuition, derived thoughts, dreams in the pure spirituality, all can be, one after the other, randomly unfolded in the same poem. It is this multi-level fusion that makes the expression of a poem, achieve broad and profound results.

Scenes in life, stories, historical events, under the ingenious arrangement of poets, become far-reaching images in poetry; intuition, derived thoughts, dreams are important ways to explore the inner spirituality of human beings, because not everything in poetry is in rational and logical ways, sometimes it could be irrational and illogical, perhaps it is this seemingly irrational and illogical, which constitutes a deeper level of rationality and logic in the inner spirituality, and more profoundly reveals the essence existence of human life.

Or more directly, everything we understand is not necessarily a correct understanding. The history in the development of human society is the history to constantly correct the existing knowledge, and the history to constantly re-recognize ourselves and the world. The poet's writing should face the future and leave a spiritual room to be explored.

The grandeur and profoundness of the poet's spiritual vision can be realized in two aspects: micro and macro. In the process of poetry touching these two aspects, the imagination can find the world where it can really play a role. Traveling in such a broad field of vision as well as the micro territory, must be a landscape full of surprises and shocks, not only for nature, the world, the existence of human life can also be a panoramic refraction and reflection.

The best poet should be the best representative of the spirit of his times. From the perspective of an individual, the poet reflects the nature of individuality, and reflects the spiritual condition of human beings throughout the age. The poet expresses both for himself and for an era. This individual's thoughts and emotions also reflect the universality of human nature; poets cannot belong only to oneself, but must belong to an era.

The "non-personal" theory of poetry proposed by Eliot opposes the romantic tendency of poetry to regard poetry as a personal tendency of self-feeling. "Poetry is not indulging feelings, but escaping feelings, not expressing individuality, but escaping individuality." He also said that "the feelings of art are non-personalized." From this, he argued that literary criticism and literary appreciation should shift interest from the poet to the poem itself. Even from the scientific point of view, such a proposal is impossible to achieve, poets do not have the expression without individual emotional intervention. Moreover, the characteristics of individual emotion are the key to the formation of excellent poetry. Even Eliot's own poetry, what attracted us most was his personal traits rather than the commonality he advocated.

The poem of an era is only a slice in history. Because of this, the poet should have a sense of history and write in the depth of history, so that poetry can convey a richer humanistic connotation, making poetry a veritable humanistic ark, a humanitarian bridge between past and future, not only has the inheritance of the spirit of human history, but also the prospect of the future of humanity.

In the 21st century, with the process of globalization, due to the general degeneration of human nature, selfishness, greed, prejudice, and the game of geographical interests worldwide, it has rapidly infected the entire human race, resulting in the general loss of the human spirit. We have no idealistic feelings in the humanistic spirit that once inspired humanity. In such a realistic context, the poems of the 21st century, as the bearing of human pure soul, to express humanistic care and express humanistic ideals, is extremely important.

Finally, it should be pointed out that any theory about poetry creation cannot replace the deep experience of life itself. This kind of experience needs long-term persistence and constant renewal, and cannot be accomplished overnight. This is why many well learned people, because of the lack of profound experience and sentiment about life itself, it is the reason why they never have created great poems ; it is why some poets have created excellent poems, and later, because of the lack of real feelings about life, can't write a good poem anymore.

November 30,  2008, New York

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Monday, November 14, 2022


Dear readers: this book "MIRAGE" will be released soon, please keep following the news. Below is an Example of the poems in the book:



The origin of life, the competition of primitive natural forces, the ugliness and the beauty of human nature, the rise and the decline of civilizations, the glory and the extinction of history, This poem is described in the context of New York City.

1. In The Water

Through the distortion of matter and energy,
time disappeared at its original point,
the continuum of time, space, and energy was forgotten by consciousness in its fractures,
and buried all the painful thoughts,
at the same time were buried:
quark, hadrons, leptons, particles, atoms, electromagnetic waves, matters, stars, galaxies, lives,
even the dark matter and the dark energy were not spared,
at the very beginning before the Big Bang,
everything was returned to darkness, and returned to The One,
time disappeared at the end of the universe,
to the end of the end, restored to Nothingness,

In Nothingness to dialogue with God.

There was one person,
walking with handstand, reading inside his fingers,
allowing liquid to hover inside his fingers and the gaps between the fingers, 
finally, seeped it into The Void,
everything was splitting, and expanding,
a continuous process, a continuous change,
keeping away from each other in division and expansion,
at the same time smashed into each other with the extreme speed,
space chasing space; time forgetting time,
to regroup, arrange, and turn,
in chaos,
threw down an aerolite,
to form the land of earth.

The blue ocean was like a tear of the universe falling from the dusty air,
firmly attached onto the chest of the earth,
it was transforming its sighs in the alternation of day and night,
ice and snow gradually merged into the liquid of the ocean at the two poles of the earth....

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Clouds rolling in the air, swirling thunderous steps, passing away from the sky,

the sudden torrential rain gradually turned into a gentle drizzle, floating in the Spring of the new wilderness;

timid birds no longer make noises and fly back to the nests between the branches;

in silence, Spring rain washes the soul over and over again.

until the true form is revealed.


When we set off to travel, there is naturally a road to carry on the footprints of our lives, in the dimension of the years, to the distant horizon;

children, please don't cry, never lose the courage in life.

even in the jungle of thorns, the message of Spring is still hidden.

don't be scared when the sky is tilting down.

please be full of passion in your life, embrace it tightly, and merge in the  vast immensity.


When the darkness comes, don't greet it with evil desires, only the power of light can melt its body with poisonous juice.

whenever a painful moth invades your heart, fill it with bright thoughts;

let the cup of your heart fill with the beauty and kindness of sweet liquid, overflowing in the years,

let the flower of life bloom in its eternal pouring.


If the sky suddenly darkens, it is because the heart has lost its brilliance;

if the heart suddenly darkens, it is because the emotion has lost its brilliance;

if the emotion suddenly darkens, it is because the thought has lost its brilliance;

if the thought suddenly darkens, it is because beauty has lost its brilliance.


When a roadside beggar looks at you with hungry eyes,

please fill them with kindness,

and your life will surely shine with the brilliance of human nature in the fluid of love.


Travelers from afar, please stop your tiring steps for a while.

let the peaceful sleep tonight, smooth your sorrow of past years,

return back to the hometown of your soul in the dream.


Don't regret or sigh for the past years.

for the past faults,

it’s those imperfect sorrows, joys, departures and gatherings,

define the true meaning of life.


When the uncontrollable desires try to capture you, don’t follow it,

only in the true nature of a pure soul can we obtain happiness and peace of mind.


A rotten and ugly soul, even with the decoration of gold and silver can not make it beautiful,

a famous brand  does not make the wearer become a famous brand, make a despicable person noble.

but it can reflect the vanity and shallowness of one's ignorance,

when decorating your appearance,

don't forget the soul also needs beautiful colors.

you can't take yourself as a walking dead.


God of eternal life, master of destiny,

it is you let me bathe in the precious liquid of kindness,

keep my body and soul in a pure color,

toward the end of life;

because I know it is the blessing of truth and kindness, giving me the power of all actions in this life, singing for the everlasting beauty of this world;

as if the rainbow in the sky which is not eternal, and it doesn’t have anything,

temporarily and brilliantly illuminates the sky, makes it full of glory.

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Monday, November 7, 2022



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  1. The flowing water of Hudson River down southward, was changing in every moment, decomposed into seventy two colors, in silence, passing...